How to Make a Supercapacitor at Home

Did you know that you can make a supercapacitor at home? Well, this sounds quite interesting and so true. The benefits of using a supercapacitor are many that people want to make their own supercapacitor at home.

Now that you know it is possible to make it at home, we will take you through the important steps that you should follow when doing this exciting DIY.


You first need to start with the decision of the voltage and storage. This will depend on the materials that you have. For this DIY, we will go through the steps of making a supercapacitor that has 1.5 volts’ storage, which can be stored for about 10 minutes.

What are the materials needed?

The following are the things that you can use to make a supercapacitor at home:

  • An old 1.5v battery cell
  • Tic tac small box
  • Salt
  • Carbon rod, which will be used as the positive electrode
  • Iron rod, which will be used as the negative electrode
  • Cutting blade to be used for removing the cell
  • Water
  • Mno2

The procedure

  • Make a solution of water and salt. Ensure that the salt dissolves well
  • Fill the solution in a tic tac box
  • Take out mno2 and carbon rod from a cell. You should be very careful when removing a cell to avoid breaking it
  • Take the mno2 and add to the solution inside the tic tac box. Mix the solution gently
  • At the cap, make two holes for the carbon rod and iron rod
  • Close the cap
  • Now, fix the two rods on the holes created

Just like that, you have finished making the supercapacitor. Now, you will need to test with a load. When testing, the carbon rod will act as the positive terminal while the iron rod being the negative terminal.

How to test results

Once you are done, you can take a multimeter or any load and connect the terminals to the supercapacitor. Remember, the red wire should be connected to the carbon rod while the black wire is connected to the iron rod. Once connected to the multimeter, the reads will start to change. You will notice a gradual decrease as time goes by.


It is that simple to make a supercapacitor at home. Try today following the steps above.