Top 5 Best Replacement Batteries for Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is still one of the best phones ever released today. It was around 2014 when Samsung released this model. Moreover, it is still relatable today. Now, if you keep using this phone until now, you may experience some battery problems. It doesn’t last long like it used to be. Or, when you recharge it, it is so slow to get it to full capacity. Those are enough signs for you to find the replacement of the old battery. Fortunately, we have five replacement batteries for Galaxy S5, which we see as the best on the market.

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1) Samsung Original Samsung Galaxy S5 Replacement Battery (2800mAh)

For a start, we take a look at Samsung’s battery replacement products. And, this official battery replacement came as the top choice. It is, of course, safe and compatible with your Galaxy S5 because Samsung made it for replacing that model’s battery. How about its performance?

It has 2800mAh power, which gives your Galaxy S5 enough juice for whole day usage. Once you fully charge it in the morning, you don’t need to worry about running out of power until the end of the day. It is powerful and useful for your daily activity.

Moreover, if you get this package, you also get a free Overtime Branded battery charger. In case your charger doesn’t work, this bonus is a good deal. Moreover, it also has an NFC antenna, which allows you to integrate the battery with the device that uses NFC technology. Overall, it has the power and safety that you will need for your old valuable Galaxy S5.

2) SUNZOS Galaxy S5 Battery, 3200mAh Li-ion Replacement Battery for Galaxy S5

If you plan to use an alternative product other than Samsung’s official battery replacement, we also have several of them here for you. SUNZOS Galaxy S5 battery is one of them. This product is one of the best alternatives you can choose among many products you can find on the market today.

First of all, compared to the official battery, this one has more power. The 3200mAh power output gives your phone more power for longer usage. If you are traveling, this kind of powerful battery will help you a lot. Moreover, it also has acquired CE and TOHS certification, which shows it, has high quality, and meets the top standard.

Moreover, SUNZOS also uses the Grade A battery cell for better performance. This battery cell type offers faster and more efficient charging time. Furthermore, it also can last for more than 500 cycles of recharge. With proper maintenance and usage, you don’t need to find a replacement soon.

3) TAYUZH Galaxy S5 Battery, 2X 2800mAh Li-ion Replacement S5

Next, we have a TAYUZH battery. This spare battery is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the charger of other S5 models. This compatibility ensures that you will get the high-performance charging process with any charger that you may use.

The power output is similar to the official battery replacement, which is 2800mAh. Therefore, you also don’t have to worry about its daily lifespan. You can use your phone for the whole day. Furthermore, this battery also is compatible with USB output battery charging, which most chargers for this model used.

For safety, this battery also has a microchip installed in it. It protects the battery from over-charging and over-heating, which happens a lot when you forget to turn off the charger after it is fully charged. Additionally, the battery cell also is CE and RoHS certified, which also ensures a longer battery life.

Design-wise, its ultra-thin design and lightweight cut down your phone’s total weight. You will feel different after you install it. Lastly, it is easy to install and remove thanks to this design.

4) Bhooth Battery for Galaxy S5 Mini EB-BG800BBE 2100mAh G870

Bhooth battery uses the same international standardization that Samsung also uses for its battery. This brand also put its battery product for the quality control test. It passed the test and has received the CE and RoHS certification. From this point, you can expect a battery with good performance and quality.

The capacity is a little bit lower than the previous batteries we mentioned in this list. It only has a 2200mAH power output. Even though it has a lower capacity, this amount is enough to give your Galaxy S5 enough energy for daily usage. Moreover, it uses Grade A cells, which means it has a better lifespan that can easily reach more than 500 charging cycles. Plus, this battery cell also has a high-speed charging feature. In short, this battery is another better choice for Galaxy S5 battery replacement.

5) Runbod Galaxy S5 Battery Replacement, 2950mAh Li-ion Battery

Lastly, we have Runbod Galaxy S5 battery replacement. Similar to the other batteries we mentioned before, this battery also has received CE and RoHS certification. It means it is safer to use and it has high-quality and performance that you can count on. It also uses the Grade A cells for a longer lifespan, which can easily reach 500+ cycles. Plus, this cell also gives you faster and efficient charging.

Performance and feature-wise, this battery is quite similar to others. However, it also offers extra bonuses that you don’t want to miss, such as 24 months guarantee. It means whenever you found some problem within that period you have a chance to get a refund or replacement.


Those are five products we recommended for replacing your old Samsung Galaxy S5 battery. Get one of them that you think fits your needs and budget. And do not forget to follow the instruction carefully when you install it to ensure that it worked without any problem.