Best 100, 500, and 1000 Farad Supercapacitors

A standard capacitor uses a static charge to store energy. There is no electrochemical reaction involved in it. Voltage is applied to various negative and positive plates for the capacitor to charge successfully.

But not all capacitors are the same. The main difference between them is their capacitance level, which refers to how much of an electric charge they can store. Standard capacitors have a relatively low capacitance rating. That is why they’re used in a variety of electronic devices, such as radios.

Supercapacitors, on the other hand, have a capacitance that is thousands of times better compared to a standard capacitor. Any electronic device with charging cycles that vary in length will require a supercapacitor. You’ll find supercapacitors used to power larger electrical systems for things like elevators, cranes, and automobiles.

When capacitance is measured, the unit of measurement used is called a “farad.” Supercapacitors don’t all have the same farad capacitance; some have more than others. If you’re looking for a supercapacitor, you need to consider what electrical item needs it and how much energy it must store.

Our Best Picks

Below are the top 5 best 100, 500, and 1000 farad supercapacitors.

1) PoiLee 3 Pcs Super Capacitor 2.7V 100F

PoiLee 5 Pcs Super Capacitor 2.7V 3.3F Farad Capacitance 8x20mm Energy Storage Capacity

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The PoiLee 3 Pcs Super Capacitor is a 2.7-volt supercapacitor with a capacitance of 100 farads. It is a 3-piece set designed as a backup power source for electric circuitry and equipment. The most common devices and circuits that use the PoiLee supercapacitor are RAM, motor drives, digital cameras, rechargeable flashlights (hand-cranked), toys, clock circuits, and CMOS power-down protection.

The dimensions of the PoiLee supercapacitor are 3.4 inches x 2.9 inches x 0.4 inches. It weighs approximately 2.4 ounces, which means it won’t add hardly any weight to your devices.  You can expect the supercapacitor to be fully charged in about 60 seconds or so. If you have a device or circuit that requires winding type energy, then you will likely find this supercapacitor to be compatible with it.

2) HQRP 500f 2.8V Super Capacitor

HQRP 500f 2.8V Super Capacitor Compatible with Power Source, Boost Pack, Solar Light Project, DIY...

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The HQRP 500f 2.8V Super Capacitor is a 2.8-volt DC supercapacitor from the brand “HQRP.” It has a capacitance of 500 farads, a diameter of 35 millimeters, and a height of 68 millimeters. The manufacturer gives all buyers a 200-day warranty on the supercapacitor. That means if the supercapacitor does not work or malfunctions within the first 200 days after you purchase it, you will receive a replacement for free.

The HQRP supercapacitor is compatible with several types of machines and devices. You can use it for solar light projects, welding machines or your very own do-it-yourself projects. If 500 farads are too much storage capacity, HQRP has other variations of their supercapacitor with a lower level of capacitance. But for the low price of the 500-farad model, it is well worth the money.

3) YUTOKEER 2.7V 500F

HQRP 500f 2.8V Super Capacitor Compatible with Power Source, Boost Pack, Solar Light Project, DIY...

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The YUTOKEER 2.7V 500F Capacitor is a 2-piece 2.7-volt supercapacitor with 500 farads. It is made of metal foil and takes the shape of a large can. When you’re ready to install the supercapacitor into your device or circuit, it has a snap-in terminal to simplify the process. You can use the YUTOKEER 2.7V 500F capacitor to enhance your car battery life, stereo and speaker quality, and voltage balance. The added wire and fuse can be used on the battery parallelly.

The manufacturer offers buyers a satisfaction guarantee. They are willing to answer questions and address concerns regarding the use of their product. The YUTOKEER 2.7V 500F is the perfect automotive rectifier for people who want to participate in do-it-your projects, such as custom car accessory installations.

4) Maxwell Durablue 16V 500Farad

6PCS Super Capacitor 2.7V 500F 60 35mm Suitable for Automotive Rectifiers Super Farad Condenser

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The Maxwell Durablue 16V 500-Farad Super Capacitor is a premium supercapacitor with 500 farads and a balance circuit board. If you want a supercapacitor with a longer lifespan and maximum efficiency, then you’ll be delighted with the Maxwell Durablue supercapacitor. It can handle anywhere from 8 million to a whopping 120 million recharging cycles. That should give you plenty of years of usage.

The high-power density of the supercapacitor is 6700 watts per kilogram. Most people use the Maxwell Durablue as a backup energy source, but it can also be used as a rechargeable battery too. The fast-charging time can last anywhere from 10 seconds all the way to 10 minutes until it reaches over 95% capacity. It all depends on how much demand is put on the supercapacitor.

The two most common ways to use the Maxwell Durablue supercapacitor is for a solar power system and car audio system. Its dimensions are 9.06 inches x 5.43 inches x 8.27 inches. The total weight of the supercapacitor is 10.34 pounds. Six 12-volt batteries are required.

5) Maxwell Durablue 16V 1000F

KOOBOOK 1Set(6pcs) 2.7V 500F Farad Capacitor Super Capacitor with Protection Board

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The Maxwell Durablue 16V 1000F Super Capacitor is another premium supercapacitor from the Maxwell Durablue brand. The difference here is you will have a supercapacitor with 1,000 farads rather than 500 farads. This extra energy storage capacity makes it ideal to use with a solar power system, hybrid car battery, home audio system and more. It is marketed as an ultracapacitor because of its high level of capacitance.

All the other specifications are similar to the 500-farad model. The supercapacitor’s high-power density is 6,700 watts per kilogram, which makes it suitable as a backup energy source or as a rechargeable battery. Since it can also handle between 8 and 120 recharging cycles, most people love to use the 1000-farad version as a rechargeable battery. The total weight of the unit is 15.4 pounds. It will require twelve 12-volt batteries.


Now you should have enough knowledge about the best 100, 500 and 1000-farad supercapacitors that are on the market today. If you’re unsure about which supercapacitor is compatible with your particular DIY project, make sure you do further research or ask a professional.