Top 5 Best Upgrade Batteries for Car Audio System

Car manufacturers install standard car batteries in their vehicles. These batteries satisfy the basic electrical needs of cars, such as powering the starter motor, lighting, and radio. If you decide to upgrade your car audio system, it will likely require a lot more electricity than the standard car radio and speakers.

A premium car audio system requires a high-quality battery. It will supply extra power for the car audio system so that you can hear sounds clearly and loudly. The best part is the battery won’t run out of power for a long time. It is made to handle the high-power demands of the car audio system.

Choosing the Best Battery for Your Car Audio System

Below are the top 5 tips for choosing the best upgrade battery for your car audio system.

1) Choose a Recognizable Brand

It is best to choose a car battery from a recognizable brand or company. Some car battery brands specialize in building replacement car batteries for particular types of vehicles.

For instance, the ACDelco Professional Car Battery is installed in GM vehicles with upgraded car audio systems. General Motors owns the ACDelco automotive parts brand, so they are very compatible with each other.

See if your car manufacturer owns any automotive parts brands. If so, then you should purchase a high-grade battery from this automotive parts brand and install it in your vehicle.

2) Yellowtop Batteries

When you shop for car batteries, you might notice there are Yellowtop batteries and Redtop batteries. Yellowtop batteries are the more optimal car batteries that can withstand a heavier electrical load, such as the load from a car audio system. Redtop batteries are the standardized batteries suitable for a car’s basic electrical needs.

Why would anyone want to buy a Redtop battery? Well, as you can imagine, the price tag plays a factor here. Redtop batteries are cheaper than Yellowtop batteries. Like always, you have to pay for better quality. But it is worth the investment if you install a car audio system. The Yellowtop battery will last longer.

3) High Reserve Capacity

If you’re like most people, you probably want to play your car audio system for at least one or two hours at a time. Perhaps you have a long commute to work every day or get stuck in traffic and want to entertain yourself.

A car battery with a high reserve capacity will ensure that you can run a sophisticated car audio system without overloading the battery. It is even more essential to have a high reserve capacity if you plan to use your audio system while the engine is turned off.

Don’t forget that a running engine activates the alternator. The alternator supplies most of the power to your car audio system and other electrical components. So, if your engine is turned off, all the power demands get placed on the battery. That is why it is even more imperative to have a high reserve capacity for your battery in these circumstances.

4) Car Audio Power Cells

Some car battery brands are advertised as being specifically for car audio systems. For example, the Kinetik HC600 BLU is a high-performing battery with a “car audio power cell.” That means it is designed to supply power to a high-performance car audio system, such as a 600-watt car audio system.

5) Maintenance-Free Batteries

Try to find car batteries that require zero maintenance. You’ll notice that some professional car batteries require you to add liquid occasionally to keep them working. But the maintenance-free car batteries come sealed and don’t require you to add liquid. These are the best ones to purchase. They will make your life easier.

Best Upgrade Batteries for Your Car Audio System

Having your car audio blast the entire space inside your car is a dream for every car owner. However, to make the audio perform that kind of almost perfect performance, it needs a proper supply of energy. In another word, you need a good battery that powers your car audio system up to its limit. Finding this kind of battery could be challenging, especially today when many similar products are available in the store. But, we have the solution here for you. Our list of the top five best batteries for car audio systems will, at least, give you a reference to choose the battery you can install in your car. Below are the top 5 best batteries for your car audio system:

1) ACDelco ACDB24R

ACDelco Gold B24R 24 Month Warranty Hybrid Vehicle AGM BCI Group 51 Battery

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The first product on our list is ACDelco’s car battery. One part that impresses us is the design. They use a unique way to create a case that protects the inside of this battery. This design improves its durability, which is very useful when your car runs on a bad road. The vibrations that come from this condition often damage the battery cell and component. This design is the solution to that.

Another feature that also we like is the cell or grid’s material. They use the calcium alloy for this part. It gives it not only a corrosion-resistant feature. But, this material also is suitable for improving the number of cycles of usage. It increases its lifespan. Moreover, this material also lowers water consumption, which is related to battery durability. Less water means higher durability.

In short, you get not only the best performance and protection from this battery. It also has high durability and a longer lifespan. It saves more money for an excellent power source for your car audio system. No need to replace it too often.

2) Optima Batteries 8012-021 D34

OPTIMA Batteries OPT8012-021 D34 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

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Optima car batteries for the audio system also provide the satisfying quality that you want. The first thing that took our attention is how long it can work on the top performance. It has a big capacity that can hold power enough for a quite long time at a high-performance audio system in your car, thanks to the 120 minutes of reserved capacity. That gives you the best experience that you need on your trip without stopping.

Moreover, the design also gives it better protection against vibration. If you plan to use it on a truck, you will need the best of this feature. And, this product has fifteen times more resistance than other batteries in a similar class. So, you don’t need to worry, if you bring your car or other types of vehicle to the non-smooth off-road route during your trip. This battery will last and you can enjoy your favorite music without a power problem.

This battery is a perfect option for you who need a power source that gives your car audio system the best performance and has the best durability. We believe you won’t be disappointed with this product.

3) XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp

XS Power D3400 XS Series 12V 3,300 Amp AGM High Output Battery with M6 Terminal Bolt

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XS Power presented one of the most durable car batteries you can use. First of all, we love how it uses the Absorbed Glass Mat as one of the parts to support its electrolyte plate. Thanks to this design, the electrolyte plate gets the best protection against vibration and other factors that can damage it. Moreover, XS Power also uses the fiberglass suspension to install this plate, which improves its efficiency.

You also can find how many protection features this brand added to this product. Other than vibration protection from its unique design and material, it also has spill-proof protection. It helps you to keep the battery work for a long time at its top performance. It also has a valve regulation feature, which also controls how effective the battery will provide the power for the audio system. Performance-wise, this product is one of the best. As for durability, it is top-notch. In short, this is one of the best options you can take.

4) ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T Automotive and LTV Battery

Odyssey PC535 Powersports Battery

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Odyssey adds so many features that put this product among the best products on the market, if not the best of all batteries you can find. One of the main reasons is the reserve capacity that it has. It has whooping 130 reserve minutes, which is much bigger than other similar batteries on the market. From this part only, you can see that this battery can give you more than you ever imagined.

Furthermore, you also get high starting power from it. So, it is also a perfect battery for your car. Then, it also has a rapid recovery feature for supporting its performance. More importantly, the deep cycling capability in this battery also allows you to use it for much longer than other batteries. In short, you get what you want from this battery.

5) Delphi BU9094R MaxStart AGM Premium Automotive Battery

ACDelco Gold 48AGM (88864541) 36 Month Warranty AGM BCI Group 48 Battery

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Last but not least, Delphi has the MaxStart AGM battery for you. They use the extended cold-cranking amps for giving your car more power. Your car audio system will need this feature. Then, it also has a huge reverse capacity of 140 minutes.

Moreover, durability-wise, Delphi did a great job on creating the unique design that gives it 20 times vibration resistance than other batteries. Compared to other batteries we mentioned here, this product has better vibration resistance. So, you know which battery you should choose if you want to get the one with high durability.

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With so many electronic devices and features installed in today’s car, the need for a high power supply is also increasing. The car audio system, especially the one with high power, will need it more than you need. Those five batteries we mentioned above will give you the solution to the high power demand from your car. Install one of them to your car and you will have the best solution for all power supply problems.