Top 5 Best Ultra/Super Capacitor (Battery less) Jump Starters 2022

A car jump starter is an essential thing for every car owner. We never know when the problem will come. Even though we have been treating our car well, there is always a time when the error occurs to our car battery during our trip. Jump starter can solve that problem, at least temporarily. However, today, we can find the battery-less jump starter for more convenience of usage.

Best Super Capacitor (Battery less) Jump Starters

And here, we have five ultra/super capacitor jump starters or battery-less jump starters that we consider as the best on the market.

1) autowit 12V Portable Batteryless Car Jump Starter

The autowit manufacturer created this product with one concept in mind. It is the convenience. First of all, it has a good safety feature. You don’t need to worry about spark explosion that occurs a lot on the old jump starter. The design prevents that problem to happen.

Of course, the most important feature is the batteryless feature. thanks to this feature, you don’t need to ask other people to lend you their battery for jump-starting your car. In this jump starter, there is already a battery that you can use to start your car. Furthermore, it uses the super capacity system, which expands its lifespan. It means you can use this product almost forever. Last but not least, it receives the CE, FCC, and RoHS certification. It shows that this product work on all weather conditions.

2) Schumacher DSR108 12V 450A Batteryless Jump Starter

What we like about DSR108 is its versatility. Schumacher designs it for three connection types. You can connect it directly to your car battery. You also can use the vehicle’s 12V DC port to start the ignition. The other one is using the Micro-USB port. As for this one, you need to buy the cable separately. These three ways allow us to find the easiest way to jump-start.

The microprocessor inside also gives it a stable flow, which prevents the incident and controls its operation. It’s a good addition of high-tech in it, which differentiate it from other similar product. And, you also can use it on gasoline and diesel engines. Moreover, you can even use it for a cold start on a diesel engine, which shows its great versatility. Plus, the batteryless feature turns it into one of the best tools that you can have in your car.

3) REZERVO Batteryless Jump Starter

REZERVO tries to offer the speed for its jump starter product. Thus, they came out with this product. Boasting its capability in instant charge feature for starting your car, this product is a good choice for you who don’t want to be bothered with the charging time. Additionally, it only needs a weak charge from your car battery to start. So, it also has a convenient value.

The safety feature has also become one of the big features of this product. First of all, REZERVO uses the safe short circuit and reverse polarity for protecting against spark. Mostly, this problem happens when you connect it to the wrong terminal. The other safety feature is the rugged rubber casing, which gives it the drop-resistant property.

With its ability to work under extreme weather, you will need it for your everyday activities. You don’t have to worry anymore about getting stuck in the middle of rain or snow while your car can’t start. It will help you to turn your car back and continue your journey.

4) OzCharge RescueMate 12-Volt Super Capacitor Jump Starter – 1000 Amp

Our next product is OzCharge’s car jump starter. the RescueMate 12-Volt supercapacitor jump starter from this brand allows you to live comfortably. Why? First of all, it doesn’t require heavy maintenance. You don’t need to change its battery like what you can find on other product that uses Lithium, Lead Acid, or AGM battery. The supercapacitor allows you to use it for much longer than those jump starters.

It also uses reverse polarity for safer operation. Thanks to this design, you can use it at a higher temperature than the Lithium type. Or, if you need it, you can even use it in extreme cold. The specification are -40F to +149F (-40 to +65C).

If you need the 1000 Amp jump starter, the RescueMate jump starter is the best choice. It does work very well on many vehicles, including motorcycles, ATVs, and snowmobiles. Of course, it is also suitable for your car, truck, and other vehicles that you might have.

5) OzCharge RescueMate 12-Volt Super Capacitor Jump Starter – 750 Amp

This is the other version of the RescueMate jump starter model. As you can see from its name, it only has 750 Amp of power. If your car specification doesn’t allow you to use the 1000 Amp model, this one is your best alternative.

The feature is pretty much the same. It has an Ultracapacitor/supercapacitor. With it, you don’t need to charge it regularly. You can use it for more than 5 years, and it still works like when you got it for the first time. Plus, it guarantees the 1000+ times of charging.

It also has reverse polarity for safety purposes. This feature allows it to work on all weather conditions. And, OzCharge also gives you 3 years warranty when you buy it. with its lifespan that can easily reach 10 years and more, this is indeed a great deal.


All products above are the best example of the implementation of this amazing technology. They are all the best in their class, so you don’t need to hesitate to choose any of them. Once you have the jump starter with the best performance, you can have a peaceful mind when you are on a journey.

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Why Super capacitor/Battery less Jump Starter?

The evolution of capacitor to super capacitor is unstoppable. Currently, super capacitors are very useful in the automotive industry. They can be used as jump starters for crank the car engine. So, how effective is a super capacitor as a jump starter? Well, this question forms the basis of discussion here where we will look at the important things that you need to know about battery-less jump starter.

  1. Low internal resistance

One of the most important things that you should know about the super capacitor jump-starter is that it has a low internal resistance. The effect of an extremely low internal resistance is that it can discharge at a very high current, needed for jump starting. The high current discharged by the super capacitor can easily turn a starter motor. Therefore, it is effective in jump-starting motorized vehicles.

  1. Charge fast

Another great feature about the super capacitor jump starter is that it charges very fast. If you have a ‘dead’ battery, you can use it to charge the super capacitors. In just a couple of minutes, they can charge up to 10A, and get up to 15A. At 15A, you can easily switch the mode from charge to jump mode to start your car.

  1. Flexibility

Another thing that you need to know about super capacitors is that they are not trying to replace the lithium-ion battery in jump-starting motorized vehicles. This device is flexible enough and can be used to enhance the work of a lithium-ion battery. They can be used to store energy and then transfer the energy to the lithium-ion battery. The good thing about super capacitors is that they can release high energy in a low power density, thus, avoids impacting the batter negatively.

  1. Durability

In design and function, the super capacitors are very different from lithium-ion batteries. They are durable and can work for up to twenty years. This is unlike the lifespan of a lithium-ion battery, which can go for up to five years. One of the reasons why super capacitor jump starters are durable is that they take less time in charging.

  1. Cost-effective

There is always a reservation about the price of super capacitor jump starters. Many people think that they are too expensive; however, the reality is that they offer great value for money. This is because of the combination of the good features and durability of the battery-less jump starter.

Now, you have enough information that you need to make a decision of buying a super capacitor jump starter for your car.

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