Top 5 Best Capacitors for Car Audio

A good car audio system should be able to provide a satisfying performance without disturbing the car’s electrical system itself. Unfortunately, many of those high power audio systems often take too much energy from the car battery, which reduces the functionalities of the system. You can solve this problem by using the car audio capacitor.

The capacitor is the best solution that can stabilize the electric current in your car system when you turn on the audio. You get stable and high-performance audio, while your car electric-based system won’t be interrupted by it. If you haven’t installed this device, we recommend you to get one. Here, we already shortened up for you. These are the five best capacitors for car audio in today’s market.

1) Planet Audio PCBLK2.0 – 2 Farad Car Capacitor

Planet Audio creates this device to provide the extra feature in your car audio system. First of all, this capacitor reduces the burden that your car system receives when you turn your audio at the max level. the high capacitance, which reaches 2,000,000 as well as the satisfying capacitance tolerance at +/- 10%, is the best feature of this product. That number shows how much energy it can store and send to your audio device. Now, you don’t need to worry if your car audio taking too much energy from the battery.

The design is another level. The black color theme with a beautiful blue Planet Audio icon printed on its surface gives it a cool appearance that fits for your car. Furthermore, it also has an LED screen that displays the voltage level that is currently flowing inside it in a bright red number. It is easy to read, which also adds to its convenience value.

2) Pyle PLCAPE50 – 5.0 Farad Digital Power Capacitor

Pyle made this capacitor with one purpose. It was to ensure that you get the most satisfying audio experience in your car. We all know that even though we have installed the high-end audio system, it turns out that we can’t use it at the maximum level. When we do that, it will only burden the car electrical system even more.

Pyle PLCAPE50 has high capacitance with the tolerance at +/- 5%. It can handle the 20-24 volt surge, plus you will also get the DC 12 to 23-volt output. If you combine it with your car audio, we guarantee that you won’t find problems anymore. It sounds stable and comfortable to enjoy.

Furthermore, the metallic silver case also makes it look cool, when you install it in your car. You can mount it as it has clear brackets for this purpose. Moreover, the digital display made of an LED screen also allows you to read the available power inside the capacitor. It is beautiful, easy to use, and powerful.

3) Sound Storm C352 3.5 Farad Car Capacitor

Sound Storm has a capacitor that will solve your electric problem when you try the maximum power of your audio system bass. The bass mostly takes a lot of energy in your car audio system. in many cases, the dimmed lighting or unstable sound occurs when you set this sound to the max. This capacitor uses the design and technology to prevent that problem from happening.

The huge capacitance, which reaches 3,500,000 with 10% tolerance allows it to store enough power to send to the audio system when the bass sound comes up. It also has a 24V voltage surge limit, which is enough for your high power amplifier. Similar to other capacitors, it also has an LED voltage meter you can read easily.

4) Power Acoustik PC1.5F 1.5 Farad Digital Power Capacitor

Power Acoustik offers a powerful power capacitor that can help you to boost your car audio performance. The boost here doesn’t mean that this capacitor will improve the performance from its maximum limit. However, this product will remove all obstacles, especially the unstable power, that hold your car audio to show its capability.

The design looks intimidating with a skull image printed on it. but, it gives a different appearance to your car interior. We assure you that your car interior will have not only an improvement in its audio system but also its appearance.

Power Acoustik capacitor is suitable for a 1000W amplifier. It keeps providing the power your amp and audio system need when your car battery experiences some lag problem. It ensures that you can keep enjoying your favorite music and song at maximum pleasure without any trouble. Moreover, this capacitor is also easy to install. It has a mounting bracket and LED screen voltage meter for your convenience.

5) Audiopipe ACAP-6000 6 Farad Power Car Audio Capacitor Digital Display Black

Last but not least, we have the capacitor made by Audiopipe. The ACAP-6000 offers a big power capacity, which allows you to get enough and stable supply of power to your car audio system. It has two levels of input voltage, the 20 volts for the low level and the 24 volts for the high level. Both of them will be enough to give your car audio system the power that it needs.

Another feature that we also like is the safety feature. This capacitor has Digital Electronic Protection technology that prevents any problems related to the electricity when you connect it to your car battery and audio system. Moreover, it also has a digital display that shows the status of this capacitor. Both of them provide full protection, especially during the high energy usage status.

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Now, you have the five best products you can choose for your car audio capacitor. Match the product with the type of your amp and your audio specification. One thing for sure, all products we mentioned above will give you nothing but the best performance. Get one now and enjoy the best car audio experience.