Top 5 Best Capacitors for Audio Power Supply

Capacitors are vital components in audio circuits. They come in various shapes, forms, and voltage ratings. The audio signals depend on the choice of capacitors made, so you should be particular about choosing the correct device. The audio grade capacitors are optimized explicitly for high-end audio applications. They tend to offer advanced performance in audio circuits than standard components. Aluminum electrolytic and film capacitors are commonly in use in audio circuits. These devices are used for audio amplifiers, circuits for audio speakers, record players, CD players, and musical instruments such as bass guitars. If you want to know about the best capacitors for the audio power supply, you have come to the right place. We have provided the relevant details, features, and specs of the best audio capacitors in this article.

The best capacitors used in audio equipment categorize according to their classification. The applications are functional tasks, signal paths, and voltage support applications. Optimal capacitors are used in these applications to improvise the output tone and to minimize sound distortion.

The capacitors used in the audio power supply affect the sound quality, but the most significant impact is that of the signal paths. The degradation of audio signals operates using a high-quality audio-grade capacitor. Film capacitors are in use for audio tracks. The capacitors are non-polarized and are perfect for top-of-the-range audio equipment. Polyester, polypropylene, polystyrene, and polyphenylene sulfide are the dielectrics used to create audio grade film capacitors for use in the signal path.

The technology used in creating a capacitor determines its features. Capacitors used in high-quality equipment have high tolerances and are more costly than those used with low tolerances. The high-quality audio systems make use of high-quality audio-grade capacitors. The working of capacitors depends on the way they are fused into a circuit board. The soldering and fusing cause stress in these inactive components that tend to result in piezoelectric voltages. They also tend to crack the surface-mount details. That is why it is essential to use the correct order of soldering.

Best Capacitors For Audio Power Supply

This article has highlighted the top 5 best capacitors for audio power supply, which will help you choose better. The specifications and features are mentioned, which will aid in distinguishing.

1) 2pcs Nover LA 10000uF 50V 35x35mm Audio Grade Power Capacitor-4001


  • Mfg. Marking: Printed with Gold Color.
  • Size: 35mm x 35mm (D x H) , Pitch :10mm.
  • Temperature rating:85C
  • Capacitance tolerance: ±20%.

With this Capacitor, you can use a 24 volts D.C. to both of its capacitors while using a high resistance voltmeter. You can determine the internal leakage to check. The capacitors tend to drain a little with an 11 megohm input. You can quickly charge them up to 24 volts. One of them has a voltage of 13.2 volts, and the other has 12 volts. It’s the best option because the leakage current is negligible. It has a tremendous dielectric current too. That is a high-quality capacitor with substantial value.

2) Wal front 2pcs 12000uf 63V Audio Capacitor HiFi Electrolytic Capacitor


  • Capacity: 12000uf
  • Voltage: 63V
  • Size: 35×50mm/1.38×1.97in
  • Material: Electrical Components.
  • Structure: Fixed Capacitor

These capacitors are also best used for music-related products to achieve a good sound system. They guarantee safety by separating the strong and weak currents. They aid in preventing the power frequency current from entering the vulnerable current systems and provide personal protection.

3) GMSP 22000uF 80V Electrolytic Screw Capacitor Audio Amp Power Supply 50x80mm 105


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Electrolytic Color: Black
  • Rated Voltage: 80V
  • Capacitance: 22000uF
  • Shape: Cylindrical
  • Frequency Adjustment: Fixed
  • Tolerance: ± 20 %
  • Size: 5x8cm/3.15×1.97″

These aluminum electrolytic capacitors are of high quality with their radial style case, which is appropriate for an extensive range of electronic applications requiring cost-effective high capacitance solutions. The explosion-proof plug comes in assorted colors.

4) Nichicon Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – Screw Terminal 50volts 22000uF 85c 35×100


Manufacturer: Nichicon
Product Category: Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors – Screw Terminal
Capacitance: 22000 uF
Voltage Rating DC: 50 VDC
Tolerance: 20 %
ESR: 15.071 mOhms
Minimum Operating Temperature: – 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 85 C
Diameter: 35 mm
Length: 100 mm
Lead Spacing: 12.7 mm
Life: 5000 Hour
Ripple Current: 6.1 A
Termination Style: Screw
Brand: Nichicon
Leakage Current: 3.15 mA
Capacitance – uF: 22000 uF

The specs show that the peak voltage will not surpass the rated voltage after the capacitors are restored to 20°C, after D.C bias plus rated ripple current is applied for 5000 hours at 85°C. The requirements meet best when the capacitors are stored under no load at 85°C for 1000 hours and then carry out a voltage treatment based on JIS C 5101-4 clause 4.1 at 20°C.

5) Thincol Capacitor 22000µF 63v


  • Voltage: 63V
  • Capacity: 12000uf
  • Size: 35×50mm/1.38×1.97in
  • Weight: 123g

This Capacitor uses filtering, energy conversion, blocking, bypassing, controlling the circuit, tuning it, and many other aspects. They make use of D.C. power, and so that differentiates them from the former. These coupling capacitors distinguish based on weak and robust current; they prevent the current high-power frequency from entering the vulnerable current systems. They also provide high-frequency signal paths and guarantee personal safety. These audio coupling capacitors are best used for music-related circuits to attain good sound quality.

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The performance of audio circuits significantly depends on the passive components like capacitors and resistors. The real capacitors contain unsolicited parasitic elements that can misrepresent the features of audio signals. Capacitors used in the signal path help regulate the quality of the audio signal. Consequently, you should carefully and vigilantly select the capacitors to minimalize signal degradation. For diverse applications, plastic film capacitors are in use for audio circuits of high-end systems. Audio-grade electrolytic capacitors are usually used for high-energy storage and for smoothing the applications. For the best capacitors for the audio power supply, you can choose any of the capacitors we mentioned in our article.